Our in-house capabilities provide designs, working drawings and installation project management of all types of fire protection systems and installations; ranging from fire walls and fire seals to all types of fire detection systems, voice evacuation announcement systems, fire service water reticulation, pumps and reservoirs, sprinklers and water spray systems, gaseous extinguishing systems, smoke ventilation and extraction, dry powder systems, foam systems, fuel systems and explosion control systems.

Protection Projects’ professional services for fire protection comprise;
  • Initial investigations, report of requirements, planning and budgets.
  • Advice, reports, expert opinion, etc in respect of fire protection legislation and codes.
  • Rational designs and Local Authority fire plan approvals.
  • Preliminary design of all types of fire protection systems, such as sprinklers, fire detection, clean agent suppression, smoke extraction, pumped reticulation.
  • Preparation of construction drawings of all types of fire protection systems and including building items such as fire walls, barriers, reservoirs.
  • Preparation of enquiry documents, including specifications and bills of quantities.
  • Obtaining of competitive tenders and adjudication of same.
  • Advising on appointment of subcontractor(s).
  • Monitoring and expediting progress of construction and installation works.
  • Inspecting and testing of complete installations.
  • Ad-hoc advices to other members of the design team in connection with issues not related to fire system design, for example in connection with fire escapes, interior finishing materials.
  • Investigations of fire protection failures.
  • Audits and reviews of fire protection work done by others.
  • Risk assessment surveys.
  • Client handover training.

These services are provided in accordance with the latest conditions and guideline tariffs published by the Engineering Council of SA.

Protection Projects is a firm of consulting engineers that has no agencies or commercial interests in any equipment vendors, manufacturers or installers, and thus provides independent, unencumbered expertise.

Protection Projects Professional Fire Protection Services
Protection Projects Professional Fire Protection Services
Protection Projects Professional Fire Protection Services